Starting 2019-20 school year, we are opening one DUAL LANGUAGE classroom in Kindergarten! English and Spanish


  • Denver Public School approved a pilot of the Dual Language Path for the 2019-20 school year.
  • Follow a full Montessori model. The hands-on Montessori approach supports learning new content in a second language with two bilingual teachers, one lead, and one assistant.
  • Classroom made up of 50% Spanish speakers at home and 50% English speakers at home.
  • The Montessori curriculum will be taught in a 75/25 ratio: 75% in Spanish and 25% in English in Kindergarten.
  • If proven successful, this Bilingual path will grow into Lower El (1st -3rd grade) with 65% Spanish/ 35% English and Upper El (4th & 5th grade) 45% Spanish/55% English.
  • The goal is for children in our Bilingual track to graduate 5th grade fully bi-literate and bilingual in both English and Spanish.
  • Enrollment begins January 15, 2019, to February 15, 2019, for Round 1. 
  • Students from other school districts can apply to Monarch through Denver Public Schools Choice website.

Click here to learn more about Denver Public Schools Choice process and to apply beginning January 15, 2019.

Why Choose this Path?

NPR Article about the 6 potential brain benefits of bilingual education:

CAL Center for Applied Linguistics:

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