Programs Offered

Preparing Every Child to Excel in Education and in Life

“Education cannot be effective unless it helps a child to open up himself to life.”~ Maria Montessori

Nido (Infant): Ages 6 weeks to 15 months

The “Nido” (nest in Italian) is a prepared environment that is small, warm, safe and comforting for the infant.  The staff is wonderful at responding to each child’s needs and fostering their curiosity.

Toddler Community: Ages 15 months to 3 years

When a child reaches this stage, his or her curiosity is heightened and the desire to explore is expansive.  Basic motor coordination, independence and language development are fostered and individual personalities are respected. Children are engaged in social learning and experiences while routines are established.

Primary (Preschool): Ages 3-5

The preschool environment is a community designed to progress each child at their level as lesson plans are individualized to scaffold learning in areas of practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language development, culture, art and more.  Children choose their own activities and work independently at their own pace under gentle guidance of trained teachers.  In this way a child’s innate curiosity and love of learning are fostered.

Summer Camp: Ages 3-5

The Summer Camp program is designed to align with our Montessori curriculum and enhance your child’s education by focusing on weekly themes with complementing presentations and projects.  The Monarch Montessori Summer Camp strives to adhere to the 3 hour work cycle on a daily basis. There will be dynamic presentations given by the Butterfly Pavilion, the Denver Zoo, the Science and Nature Museum, etc. to accompany our weekly themes. Each day will be enriched with gardening, music, stories, picnics, and water play.