There are still spots available for Monarch’s Expeditionary Camp!
Here is the link!

There are four spots available for outgoing 5th graders.
We will be holding an essay competition, where the outgoing 5th graders will write a one-page essay on “Why I would be a great counselor.” These essays will be due by April 30th.
Our Monarch scholars will have a chance to learn over summer by exploring literacy, math, and science using real-world applications with an emphasis on literacy-based project learning.

The camp is open to all incoming 3rd, 4th, 5th graders.

When: June 4th – June 15th, Monday to Friday.
Time: 9am to 3pm
Cost: $100 per child (to cover Bus fees)
What is included in the camp: Lunch, daily expeditionary learning activities, 2 off-site field trips, Camp overnight, bbq, science fair.
During Our Expeditionary Learning Camp learning camp, your scholar will be testing their geometry skills while calculating the area and perimeter for a real archeological dig.
They will be experiencing local nature while practicing relevant nomenclature and exposition writing in their journals. The students will also be taking samples of local nature and will keep a written record of the various species from the six kingdoms. Along with daily nature walks with their learning team, our scholars will take two field trips (one each week) to further their knowledge of Nature Science. The two-week long Expeditionary Camp will culminate on Friday, June 15th with a science fair and camp-wide BBQ.