At Monarch, we cultivate the love of learning that carries on throughout a child’s educational journey, not only preparing them for college but for life!

Thank you for taking the time to check out our elementary program at Monarch Montessori. Congrats…You took the first step to your child’s future success!  Due to Covid-19 we are presenting our school virtually with on site tours to see the building.  Below is a series of videos to introduce our community to your family.

Take your time and watch at your own pace…just like our students learn in the classroom. Fill out the form below to receive your personal invite.  Note: Any photos or videos in the classrooms without masks were shot before March 2020.

Messages from Laura Pretty, Executive Director (time/6:36)

A glimpse into the dual language classrooms (time 3:44)

Denver Public Schools Application process (time/1:29)

Montessori verses Traditional School (time/5:44)

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