First Steps at Monarch Montessori is in search of our next Director.

First Steps at Monarch Montessori is a non-profit organization dedicated to the  school’s mission  of making a quality Montessori education accessible to all who seek it.  Serving children ages 6 weeks through 6 years old, the school has a dual language pathway as well as a traditional English pathway, both of which follow the principles of peace education as taught by Maria Montessori. The First Steps Director works closely with the Executive Principal and the full administrative team within a larger school that includes the public K-5 sister school, Monarch Montessori.

Position Summary:

The School Director oversees daily management, planning and implementation of school related tasks and activities. This person is responsible for the welfare and education of the children enrolled. This person is responsible for the implementing and managing education programs to ensure the center exemplifies and maintains a high quality development program and sustains a positive, clean, safe and healthy center environment. In addition to monitoring center operations, budget and work directly with parents, you provide direction and leadership to the center staff including participation in hiring, orientation, training, managing and performance evaluations. Actions of the Director must follow the mission of the school and compliance with all managing bodies (child care licensing, CO health department, and FS Board of Directors).

Spanish speaking skills are strongly preferred.

As a school focused on equity and that values diversity, qualified applicants of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Certification Requirements: 

Large Center Director Certification

Group Leader Certification

CPR, First Aid and Universal Precautions

Montessori Certification

Clearance of CBI and Central Registry checks and post-employment physical

Reporting Relationships:

Immediate Supervisor: Executive Principal

Secondary Supervisor: Board of Directors


Employees overseen: Administrative Assistant (shared), school nurse, teachers, assistant teachers, floaters, substitutes, custodian, and kitchen staff. In addition to any contracted partners, extracurricular services and center volunteers.

Salary Range:

$55,000- $80,000

Job Duties:

All duties not expressly represented will correlate with the Leadership Team evaluation.

Compliance and Academic Accountability:

  • Monitor and maintain center operations to ensure safe and healthy environment for children and staff; remain in compliance with Department of Labor, Health Code compliance, Fire Code compliance, Licensing compliance and Monarch standards.

  • Address Licensing violations within the school and have conversations with responsible parties.

  • Send critical incident reports and license renewal forms in a timely manner.

  • Support teacher effectiveness through observations and reviews.

  • Inspire academic rigor and improvement through MRX implementation.

Sound Operations and Organizational Viability:

  • Hire and orient new assistant teachers, floaters and substitutes

  • Maintain and oversee the planning and implementation of the Montessori approach in all classrooms and on the playground according to developmentally appropriate and individual learning expectations. Complete 3-4 classroom observations per year and provide support for teachers in regards to materials, classroom schedule, interactions and demeanor, development and parent communication.

  • Ensure adequate compliance with background checks, paperwork, ratios and company policies

  • Provide ongoing support and guidance towards effective child guidance techniques, appropriate limits and boundaries and smooth transitions between activities.

  • Assist in setting up professional development opportunities and professional growth plans

  • Support staff and classrooms in meeting regulations for school readiness, Licensing, DPP and Qualistar.

  • Set up and provide assistance to employees with use of Qquest (viewing check stubs) and Timeforce (clock in and out) systems.

  • Close payroll at the end of each pay period.

  • Monitor and approve payroll

  • Seek out and manage fundraising opportunities for the school.

  • Monitor expenses and control inventory within budgetary allowances

  • Write and research budget in partnership with Executive Principal

  • Participate in financial audit

Leadership, Community Relations, and School Culture:

  • Manage teaching staff and Administrative Assistant. Coordinate with the Executive Director on shared employees: Facility Staff, Cook, and Billing.

  • Maintain Board and parent communications

  • Manage and attend family events such as Back to School Night and International Food Festival.

  • Help create and implement vision and strategic goals

  • Support culture alignment between programs.

  • Send weekly communication newsletter to staff

  • Check staff newsletters/Dojo messages to parents each week

Additional Duties:

  • Be flexible to the needs and roles of the school. Model friendly, respectful, warm and responsive interactions with children and adults.

  • Establish a supportive approach to learning, especially with children that have developmental, physical and emotional challenges. Ensure ethnic and cultural backgrounds are appropriately recognized.

  • Maintain safety of the children in emergency situations, drills and follow FS policies and procedures. Assist the staff in keeping order during emergencies according to MMD policies, remain calm in an emergency or chaotic situations.

  • Participate in on-going training to maintain State of Colorado licensing requirements and MMD policy and procedures. (may include evening or weekend in- service)

  • Identify child abuse and report situations to Child Protective Services, according to MMD reporting procedures.

  • Guide staff when needed in effectively resolving conflict

  • Maintain confidentiality related to all aspects of the parents, children and staff.

Essential Physical Requirement:

  • Safely lift a child or children with a total weight of 50 pounds.

  • Conduct activities involving substantial standing, walking and moderate sitting, stooping, kneeling, bending, crouching, crawling, twisting, and reaching on a frequent basis.

  • Stand on feet:

Infant rooms: 25% of time

Toddler Rooms: 50% of time

Preschool Rooms: 60-70% of time

  • Sit on floor:

Infant Rooms: extended periods

Toddler Rooms: extended periods

Preschool Rooms: moderate

  • Work with hands above shoulder height with a weight up to twenty pounds.

  • Work with arms extended at shoulder height with a weight up to 20 pounds.

  • Must be able to stoop, bend and kneel on the floor without assistance.

  • Must be able to walk within 4 square blocks of the center and lead/attend field trips within the community riding on public transportation or rental vehicles.

  • Push, pull, playground equipment, art supplies, manipulate office equipment, etc.

  • Participate in routine conversations in person or via telephone. Able to distinguish telephone, radio, beeper, alarms, and other auditory tones.

Environmental Surroundings:

  • Children’s classroom environment

  • Outdoor playground

  • Typical office environment

Equipment and Supplies Used:

  • Office Equipment: Telephone, calculator, computer, copier, and similar office equipment

  • Use of mild cleaning chemicals

  • Outdoor equipment, art supplies, toys, reading materials, other learning materials and supplies

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    • Applicants are considered for all positions, and employees are treated during employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, martial status, handicap, sexual orientation or other unlawful discrimination. As employers, we comply with government regulations and affirmative action responsibilities.